Zando – The Cyber Revolution

By on May 2, 2013

Taking the online sphere by storm, Zando has exploded in cyber space with the hottest brands, latest trends and the hippest and most happening fashion around. Shaheema Albertyn-Burton and Jehad Kasu find out what the hype is all about.

Established in November 2011 as an e-commerce business enterprise selling high-end fashion products, Zando falls among other dominant players such as and Having worked on two big projects before, co-founders Manuel Koser and Peter Allerstorfer saw a gap for an online fashion store, and so Zando was born from these tenacious and innovative minds.

Beating the odds

  • Living by the chicken and egg principle, Zando believes that if its customers are not aware of what is out there, they won’t have the need for it. It is the company’s mission to bring to the fore new and established fashion brands and educate the market, ultimately fulfilling their every need.
  • As a one-stop fashion store, the heads of Zando spend most of their time meeting with fashion guru’s and renowned brands around the world with the aim to incorporate them into their online sphere. Some of the most sought-after local brands include Zoom, Bronx and Billabong.
  • Fashion is a hard sell online, but Zando has beat the odds by finding solutions and making the electronic purchase seamless and as secure as possible to ensure consumers feel safe and protected at all times. Customers want to interact with an item before proceeding to purchase. To combat this, Zando takes good high-resolution images to bring the best of the product to its customers electronically, and in the best way possible.

Payment options

  • A big issue for any electronic store is that most internet users don’t trust online shopping websites. The most common questions asked include: “Is it secure? Is the information shared in a secure space?” Zando backed this up with a verified security certificate. In terms of payment methods via credit card and EFT, the company installed an online-fraud system which continuously verifies the credit card number with the delivery address. Hence, if someone were to change any of the initial details, the transaction would be denied.
  • Zando also offers the option of Cash On Delivery (COD).


  • The incorporation of eBucks as a payment option allows clients the opportunity to spend the eBucks they’ve earned. What this does is make the consumer feel that they are not spending ‘real’ money.
  • Collaboration with JP Morgan
  • JP Morgan has invested in Zando as a passive financial investor. Very flattered that the company believes in their product, Zando is delighted to be partnered with such a reputable international investor. JP Morgan believes in the market, the business model and the aim and strategy of Zando. Also, they are happy to serve the South African market as this is one entry point into Africa.
  • For Zando, the partnership is around executing its business model; improving business systems and getting more brands into its online stable, which requires a huge capital outlay. The company hopes to optimise customer service throughout its supply chain and establish a better system by which it can add more value to the overall customer experience. The investment by JP Morgan is purely as a passive financial investor, so they have no stake in the company and its operations.

The speed of light

  • As a young company, Zando connects with a market that is super speedy and flexible. The good and bad thing about the internet world is that everything can be tracked, traceable and measurable. If you get data quickly and almost live, you can adjust direction almost immediately. Decisions can be made on the spot.
  • In the online sphere, speed is absolutely important. The business model is complex and requires a lot of smart people with good processes to make it work. Also, the company needs to have enough trust in its staff to ensure they will make the right choices and represent the brand in a professional manner.
  • “At one point, we went away for three weeks looking for brands around the world, and when we returned, the company was completely different. We had new staff, two new departments; it was bigger and more enhanced. So, it is important to trust in your staff, their abilities and decisions.”

Fast Facts

  • Founded 2011
  • Started with a staff complement of six
  • Exploded online with over 200 staff members in one year
  • Founded by Manuel Koser and Peter Allerstorfer





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