Vision 2030: Our future, our plan

By on September 18, 2014

As the ace payday loans celebrations of 20 years of freedom begin to slow down, it is now time to look towards our future. Topco Media, in association with the National Planning Commission Secretariat, is set to produce a definitive guide to South Africa’s economic and social success over the next 16 years. Fully endorsed by the National Planning Commission Secretariat in the Department of the Presidency, Topco Media will produce the Vision 2030 book to examine, outline, and unpack the National Development Plan from both the private and public sector perspective. The NDP seeks to put South Africa on the path to growth and prosperity through education, job creation, and infrastructure development over the next 16 years. Vision 2030 will discuss:

  • The impact of the NDP on South African society
  • The ambiguity of the need for private sector investment for state infrastructure products
  • What potential investors require from infrastructure projects to encourage investment
  • The projects and policies that will make the NDP a success
  • The NDP to make it accessible and understandable by all South Africans and potential investors
  • The NDP as a South African plan, not a government plan
  • Raising awareness of the NDP and getting the entire nation behind our push for prosperity

“We have already placed before the nation, the National Development Plan, our road map which outlines the type payday 2 hacks of society we envisage by the year 2030. Through this programme, we will move South Africa forward to prosperity and success. The National Development Plan tells us that apply it is possible to create a future that is many times better than the present. We can do it if we set our sights to it, and begin planning in earnest for 2030, instead of looking only at the next financial year or the next five years,” says Jacob Zuma. Editorial features will include:

  • Removing the ambiguity: Why public infrastructure projects need payday candy bar private sector investment
  • What private investors are looking for from the NDP and public consolidate payday loans projects
  • How organisations plan to triple in size by 2030
  • How to payday loans online improve decision turnaround times
  • Snapshot overview of the 600 infrastructure projects currently underway

  • How government departments are aligning themselves to the NDP
  • Special focus on the nine key challenges we face as identified in the NDP
    • Unemployment
    • payday loans direct lender

    • Education
    • Infrastructure
    • Inclusive development
    • Solutions to transforming the resource intensive economy
    • Public health system
    • Corruption
    • South Africa remains a divided society

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