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By on April 9, 2015

With the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) now in play, and the appointment of the Information Regulator and subsequent commencement imminent, businesses and professionals need to know how POPI will impact them. It is with this that Innovatec Africa, in association with franciscronje.com is provided customers the opportunity to attend a series of practical seminars to help them better understand the ins and outs of POPI.

Tapping into the collective expertise of Innovatec’s training accolades and the legal prudence of information governance specialist Francis Cronjé, the seminars offered attendees a greater understanding of the statutory requirements for the processing of personal information, a view of who it applies to, what non-compliance will mean, and an understanding of the tools needed to comply.

The event was hosted at the Innovatec Africa offices in Sandton on 2 December 2014, 9 December 2014 and 13 January 2015.

“POPI is fast tracking the inevitable. Companies need to better protect and manage the personal records and information they process. Not only does this pertain to the personal information of their customers and clients but it also concerns the personal information of every employee in their service. In today’s information age, POPI can be seen as a starting point for businesses and professionals who want to take stock of how they handle and subsequently govern this valuable business asset” states Francis Cronjé, managing director at franciscronje.com. “Through seminars we communicate the key aspects of POPI; and aim to provide attendees a roadmap of how to address the legal requirements of the Act.”

Cronjé, who was instrumental in the actual drafting and refinement of POPI and who also acted in an advisory capacity to Parliament’s Technical Working Committee on POPI, serving on both the Portfolio Committee for Justice and Constitutional Development as well as the National Council for Provinces, collaborated with Innovatec Africa to develop the content for the seminars.

“From dealing with customers, we see a specific need from businesses to better understand the physical roles and responsibilities of those who need to be tasked with protecting this information,” says Daniella Mandel, Partner Relationship Manager at Innovatec Africa. “We aim to not only provide clarity on this through seminars, but also to empower customers to understand the importance of performing a privacy impact assessment as well provide them an understanding of how to manage privacy and information protection initiatives in their organisations.”

According to Daniella Mandel, it is in a company’s favour to get started now with better understanding how POPI will directly impact their business as the 3 year deadline from the appointment of the Information Regulator is, according to government, an immovable one.

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