This app has raised more than R10 million. All It Does Is Say ‘Yo’

By on June 23, 2014

That’s it. There’s nothing more to it, and the number of users and interested investors continues to grow.

As time goes on, smartphone apps are getting increasingly complex. There are apps that control your thermostat when you’re on the train, apps that help you edit video – Google’s even developed an app that drives your car.

Sometimes, though, simplicity is the best thing: The new craze on the app block is ‘Yo’, an app that lets you send a message to your friends saying, er, “Yo”.

That’s literally it.

The app bills itself as a ‘zero-character communication tool’, allowing its users to tell their friends, basically, that they’re thinking of them.

It’s taking simplicity to the extreme, but apparently it’s doing well: The app already has 50 000 users who have sent four million Yos. It has also raised more than R10 million in funding, and is hiring – which suggests it might be planning to expand.

To “hey”, perhaps? Or, to appeal to the South African market – “howzit?”.

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