The work-life balancing act

By on November 17, 2014

The demand on our time and the perception that it should be possible to do it all creates an unrealistic expectation that there is such a thing as the perfect work-life balance. 

In reality devoting equal amounts of time and energy to work and personal life is impossible. No amount of deliberated choices guarantees complete control and no amount of planning will ensure equal balance.

Instead of living in constant guilt and measuring time, employees should rather concentrate on achieving work-life integration. Work-life integration is rooted in a holistic approach to life where work and play blend together in combinations unique to each individual.

“By initiating a lifestyle programme, companies can assist their talent in achieving this harmony” says Natalie Davies, Head of Commercial for the PLP Group.

Lifestyle programmes can include advice services, educational assistance for children as well as concierge services thus taking care of personal matters without having to be away from the office or taking time out of your day to get things done.

“Companies that provide lifestyle benefits have an integral strategy that enables retention of staff members with both familial and professional ambition and ensures a committed staff who are able to maintain a healthy integrated work-life harmony,” concludes Davies.

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