Ten ways to…

By on February 26, 2013

Make an impression and let go of the reigns.

Make an impression by:

1. Come prepared – research your target

2. Introduce yourself

3. Greet with a firm handshake

4. Establish common ground

5. Maintain eye contact

6. Ask questions…

7. … and listen to the answers

8. Keep it brief

9. Remember your business cards

10. Smile

Let go of the reins by:

1. Accept you can’t do everything

2. List what you could do with more time

3. Work out which tasks you want to keep

4. Don’t underestimate your staff

5. Choose the right people …

6. … and give them power and authority

7. Worry about outputs, not methods

8. Encourage fresh perspectives

9. Spend more time on strategy

10. Don’t take back control at the first sign of trouble

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