Research reveals mining sector’s contribution to transformation

By on March 4, 2014

In its quest to discover South Africa’s top 500 best managed companies, Topco Media’s research department has uncovered some interesting facts about the South African economy.


Topco uncovered that between the top four companies in the diversified mining sector they employ more than 100 000 black employees and, on average, more than 80 percent of each of these companies is made up of black employees.

As a statistic for no more than four companies in the sector, it reveals just how vital the mining sector is in the transformation conversation.

Additionally, it is encouraging to note that, of a total of just over 450 000 students enrolled in South Africa’s top five universities, more than 350 000 of them are black students. Education and training are key elements of transforming the South African economy and it is important for higher education institutions to continue this trend.

Excellent growth

South African’s willingness to take their security into their own hands was made blindingly evident by the growth of the top five private security services companies, which averaged out at over 30 percent for the year. 


The Top 500 companies in South Africa contribute a significant amount to the South African economy, indirectly through employment and transformation and directly through contributions to the gross domestic product. 

Again the top four companies in the diversified mining sector lead the way. The average annual turnover across these four companies is a staggering R40 billion, again revealing the mining sector’s importance to the economy.

In prestigious company

Out of the five top companies representing each sector there is always one that stands out. A champion among legends. This list of companies to top their sectors is a proverbial who’s-who of South Africa’s most influential companies, including:


  • Primary sector winners: Anglo American South Africa Limited, Gold Fields Limited, Clover SA (Pty) Ltd, and De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited
  • Secondary sector winners: Sasol Limited, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Samsung Electronics SA, and Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd
  • Tertiary sector winners: Nike South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Naspers Limited, Sun International Ltd, and ADT Security (Pty) Ltd

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