Recognising 20 years of business excellence in South Africa

By on August 26, 2014

As South Africa reaches its 20th year of democratic freedom, it is time to reward those hands that have helped build and shape the country’s prosperous economy that it is today, at the National Business Awards.

In association with the Top Performing Companies publication, the 12th Annual National Business Awards is an esteemed event dedicated to South Africa’s leading companies who exercise outstanding innovation, pride themselves on strong ethics, and sustain success.

These individuals and organisaiton advance our nation across a range of sectors and, in their business practices, enhance South Africa’s position as a critical player in the global market.

Integr8 CEO and three-time award winner at the National Business Awards, Rob Sussman, believes winning at the National Business Awards gave immense credibility to their business profile. “The recognition that has been bestowed on the Integr8 brand through the Topco association has been well respected by our industry peers and the technology industry as a whole,” he says.

Sussman co-founded the company with Lance Fanaroff in 2001. The two young entrepreneurs invested R300 000 from their own pockets into a new business venture fuelled with big dreams of revolutionising the ICT sector.

“Over and above this, the personal acknowledgement has added an additional layer of credibility through the stamp of recognition by Topco. This is invaluable,” adds Sussman. “We would be honoured to enter the National Business Awards at any time the opportunity is presented to us, as apart from the credibility of the award itself, the events present a high level of networking and social engagement.”

Make sure that those at the forefront of business innovation are celebrated for their contributions to the world of business and South Africa’s economy. Nominate an individual or organisation for an award by submitting your applications now.

The Awards are comprised of 15 categories:


  • Corporate Citizenship Award
  • Customer Focus Award
  • Diversity in the Workplace Award
  • Sustainability Award
  • Fast Growth Award
  • Innovation through Technology Award
  • Investing in People Award
  • Infrastructure Development Award


  • Transport & Logistics Award


  • Top Performing Public Service Award


  • Top Performing Business Leader of the Year Award
  • Top Performing Entrepreneur of 2014 Award
  • Top Young Executive of the Year Award (<40 years)


  • National Business of the Year Award

Click here ( to download the full entry form.

To find out more about the nomination and entry process, contact Sheri Morgan 086 000 9590 or via email


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