Office workers should stand for four hours a day

By on June 3, 2015

By Rachel Savage A new review of evidence says desk-bound workers should get on their feet. Standing up in the office is increasingly becoming clomid for men a thing, with on-your feet meetings held as a levitra effects way to cut down on pointlessly free viagra trial long discussions; the British Heart Foundation called for workers to stand up to heart disease and office design company, Peldon Rose, habitually include sit-stand desks on a list of ways the workplace can boost creativity. And it seems it’s clomid twins not just a Scandinavian fad. Desk-bound workers should be spending at least two hours of the working day on their feet (ideally four) according to a review of existing evidence in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Office workers spend 65-75% of their working day in a chair, more than half of which is built up in long periods of sitting. That puts them at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and possibly even premature death. Both Swedish and Danish workers canadian pharmacy now have a right to flexible sit-stand desks. And a whopping 90% of Scandinavians now have access to one, according to the Furniture Industry Research Assocation. “It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you are on your feet for longer,” Dr John Buckley, a professor at the University of Chester and one of the study’s authors told the Telegraph. “Take a walk at lunch and eat away from your desk. Go and meet people at their desk rather than sending an email. Employers should make canadian pharmacy cialis 20mg sure bins aren’t by desks, and are instead in a central space. If you find multiple ways of standing for longer, that can accumulate.” We shouldn’t stay on our feet in one place for too long though – move around or take a seat if your legs start aching, the authors advised. They also cautioned that longer term intervention studies are needed to back up their conclusions. But with worker wellness an increasing part of employers’ agenda, you can probably expect more on the move meetings and the coffee machine being moved further away from your desk.

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