Nine weird and wonderful answers to ‘why should we hire you?’

By on August 5, 2013

Admittedly, it’s not an easy question – but then, job interviews were never supposed to be straightforward… Josie Dent reports.

It’s one of the most dreaded questions during a job interview: ‘why should we hire you?’ This is your chance to wow the interviewer with your most impressive strengths, and persuade them to choose you over the other applicants.

How do you answer? Experts would say you should convey you’re the answer to the employer’s problems: the best answers include your previous experience; different skills you have; accomplishments, awards and accolades you have received and any previous training.

Some people clearly haven’t realised what the interviewer wants though. Maybe they were nervous, thought the employer would appreciate their honesty, or perhaps they just have no boundaries. MT has dug around and found some of the worst answers. Be prepared to cringe…

1. ‘I would make a great addition to the football team’

Unless you’re going for a job on a football team, we don’t think they care.

2. ‘I would be a great asset to the events team because I party all the time’

Work hard, play hard…?

3. ‘I hate questions like this’

Think it. Don’t say it.

4. ‘If you don’t hire me, it would prove the company’s management is incompetent’

This guy took advice not to be too modest in a job interview a little seriously…

5. ‘If you hire me, I’ll have the corporate logo tattooed on my forearm’

Just back away slowly…

6. ‘I’m allergic to unemployment’

Call a doctor: you’re not getting this job.

7. ‘I’ve already applied three times and I feel that now it’s my turn to be hired’

Third time lucky, eh?

8. ‘You have to hire someone. You may as well give me a try…’

Yep. Or we could give someone else a try.

9. ‘You shouldn’t hire me. See? Reverse psychology’

This will probably be more of a case of reverse psychology…



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