LAUNCHPAD: Yahoo! Japan Creates 3D Printer Search Engine

By on September 25, 2013

The latest Japanese ad campaign for the tech giant features a search engine which prints objects.

Well, it’s certainly one way to recover from the embarrassment of a disastrous logo ‘redesign.’ Yahoo Japan has created an ad campaign based around a voice activated, 3D printing search engine.

The machine is voice activated and can be used to print the objects named to it. Yahoo has placed it in a school for blind children – where the kids can say the name of something, for example, ‘giraffe’, and the machine searches it and starts to print a 3D version. The experience gives the children a tangible example of the word they used.

It might be for an ad campaign but the machine is very real and could well signify the future of both 3D printers and search engines. Pretty damn cool.

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