Jobs trend and factors affecting employment

By on October 7, 2014

South Africans would choose to work multiple jobs to gain more/different skills and experience, save extra money for the future and meet regular household expenses.

However, only four percent of Quest research participants currently work more than one job and the majority (60 percent) are in fact unemployed.

This is according to research included in a newly released Quest Staffing Solutions White Paper, A Report on The Multiple Jobs Trend and Factors Affecting Employment in South Africa.

In compiling the White Paper, Quest Staffing Solutions conducted a nationwide survey to identify whether South Africa is following the multiple jobs trend.

Quest CEO, Kay Vittee says, “Developed countries like Australia, Canada and the US have reported the prevalence of citizens working multiple jobs for a variety of reasons such as not being able to find a stable full-time job to – on the other end of the spectrum – identifying an abundance of available jobs in certain regions.”

Quest found that the vast majority, 80 percent, of the South African survey respondents would consider taking on an additional job.

“An interesting finding is that only four percent are currently working more than one job and 60 percent are unemployed without a single job to speak of,” says Quest CEO, Kay Vittee.

While unemployment remains the surface issue, Quest’s White Paper delves into the major factors contributing to the high level of unemployment in South Africa.

Vittee says, “Such factors include the strained job market, slow economic growth, a lack of high-demand skills and inequality in terms of access to technology and education.”

She explains that for the multiple job trend to be possible in South Africa, there is a need for current government initiatives to be accelerated and fast track job creation and

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skills development.

“This is vital as the country’s exceedingly high unemployment rate also hinders South Africa’s growth prospects. The National Development Plan (NDP), Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), Employment Tax Incentive Act and the tightening-up of immigration laws are all crucial elements to better the odds of South Africa winning its battle against unemployment and poverty and not only meeting but exceeding economic growth expectations,” adds Vittee.

The White Paper highlights that government and the public sector are essential in driving these initiatives but that a large portion of responsibility falls on the private sector.

“The private sector has the capability to lift many unemployed South Africans out of their current circumstances through skills development to on boarding and upskilling local talent rather than bringing in or outsourcing from elsewhere in the world,” Vittee concludes.

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