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By on March 27, 2013

Creative thinking can set your business apart from your competitors, says Shane Casey.

“Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yield the results that make our hearts sing.” – Steve Jobs

Every industry strives for creativity. We’re constantly reminded that innovation can differentiate us from the competition, open new avenues of growth and ultimately bring success. The pressure is always on to come up with the creative solution that no-one’s thought of yet – it’s the modern day gold-rush.

But unlike the prospectors of yore, we can make our own gold. In his seminal book The Act of Creation, Arthur Koestler describes creativity as “the uncovering of something which was always there but was hidden from the eye by the blinkers of habit.” Creative thinking is like coming up with an analogy that no-one’s ever thought of before, by looking at things from a new perspective. Innovation comes from applying that thinking to previously unconnected disciplines.

So where do you find fresh perspectives to apply to your field of expertise?

In recent years, technology has changed the way we experience the world around us. But it’s important to remember technology isn’t just hardware anymore – apps, QR codes, RFID chips, augmented reality and pervasive internet connectivity have blurred the lines between the digital and analogue worlds. This exponential growth in new technologies is creating new frontiers, possibilities and, crucially, potential new perspectives from which to approach your business.

Understanding these emerging technologies and applying them appropriately requires the logical ‘left-brain thinking’ of a technologist. But seeing their potential, having the vision to realise what can be achieved rather just than what was intended, requires the creative ‘right-brain thinking’ of an artist.

Nowhere are these disparate skillsets more sought after than in the melting pot of art and technology that is advertising. In fact, Adland is currently seeing the emergence of a new model for creativity. Just as advances in printing, photography and image manipulation created the age-old team of Copywriter and Art Director, the digital revolution has given birth to a new creative dynamic that sees the addition of a Creative Technologist to the traditional diad.

In an age where everything can be interactive, this impetus on original use of new technologies and new media is inspiring ideas that would never have arisen from traditional approaches. Just ask Nike. Or Ikea. Or Old Spice. Or… well you get the idea.

How you choose to apply this paradigm shift to your business to realise innovative solutions will obviously depend on various influencing factors and requirements. But, in truth, that is the joy of creativity – not knowing what you’re going to create.

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