Hurrah! Yahoo ditches its logo

By on August 13, 2013

But not the exclamation mark! Obviously, the company was never going to do it straightforwardly, though, writes Emma Haslett. 

Forget Marissa Meyer’s controversial employment practices – she’s about to cause a real storm. The outspoken CEO has decided to scrap Yahoo’s logo. It’s a victory for typologists everywhere – but will the new one be any better?

Now, Yahoo is based in sandal-wearing, tie-hating, blue-sky-thinking Silicon Valley, so of course it wasn’t going to do anything as simple as just designing a logo and being done with it. Instead, it’s (semi) crowdsourcing its new branding: it has designed 30 logos, which it will to try out over ‘30 days of change’. So today it basically announced a new logo by not announcing a new logo. We give up.

Anyway, important things to note: one, it will still be purple. Whether that’s because Meyer feels any particular loyalty to the colour, or Yahoo is now so old that she’s decided that from now on it is of purple-wearing age, isn’t clear.

Secondly, the obnoxious faux-chirpy exclamation mark is still staying. Sigh.

Still, Yahoo seems pretty pleased with itself.

‘It’s our way of having some fun while honouring the legacy of our present logo,’ it enthused.

If changing a font is the most fun they have at Yahoo, no wonder Google’s ‘slides-and-table-tennis in the office’ mentality is beating it into the ground.

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