Human Resources: a South African approach

By on March 25, 2015

HR is rapidly becoming one of the most influential departments in an organisation. From constructing the corporate brand identity and aligning strategic and organisational goals, to ensuring the implementation of legislation through the systems and processes of the company, HR is the key to business success.

South African businesses too often refer to international guidelines for influence and strategy related to HR – where as South Africa has its own diverse challenges which need to be approached from a unique and local perspective, rather than adopting foreign methodologies.

Careers24 and The Future of HR have joined forces to host a Summit and Awards event showcasing South Africa’s trendiest approaches to HR which can be implemented within all spheres of business. The event aims to highlight key trends and challenges within South African business; as well as present success stories from the country’s most innovative and diverse companies and thought-leaders.

In an upcoming digital era, General Manager of Careers24, Marc Privett, will be presenting his view on the topic of online recruitment tactics, trends and challenges. Other such highlights include topics on driving employee engagement and retention; HR standard assessment tool – the national framework on HR professionalism; and improving gender diversity by looking at ways to attract, retain, develop and promote women as leaders in the workplace. For a full list of the programme speakers please see here.

For more information on Careers24 and The Future of HR Summit and Awards, hosted by Topco Media on 22 to 23 July 2015 visit or contact

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