How to target super shoppers

By on April 7, 2014

In the UK, a new breed of consumer has emerged. Dubbed ‘super shoppers’, these shoppers make up just 18 percent of consumers and account for as much as 70 percent of retail spend. eBay’s Tanya Lawler explains how brands can target this group (credit card companies, stay back).

Predominantly 25-44, working and in the AB social grade, these men and women aren’t constrained by geography or store opening hours; they shop anywhere, anytime, in ways which suit their busy lives. For them, shopping is less about location and more about engagement as their shopping blurs between offline and online.

How to identify a super shopper:

1. They’re Busy

Super shoppers decide when and where they shop, through features such as stock checking and click and collect, and brands’ mobile and social media offerings.

2. They’re savvy

They are 30 percent more likely to do research online before visiting a store – the value of these purchases can be up to 50 percent more than those purchased through a single channel.

3. They’re mobile

They are also almost twice as likely to shop on a smartphone or tablet comparing prices and browsing online ranges, whilst perusing in store

The shopping list for attracting high-value consumers

Great retailers and brands are led by their customers and respond to new shopping behaviours. Here’s how to ensnare a super shopper:

Lots of channels

Retail combines the best of online with the best of offline through a multi-channel approach – the combination of stores, websites, apps, catalogues, marketplaces, call centres, click and collect, home delivery, and social media. This is crucial – when making purchases of over R1 500, 63 percent of shoppers use multiple shopping channels to help inform their decisions or checkout


Think about how technology can support the in-store experience, so no matter which channel the shopper uses to start and finish a shopping journey there is consistency. Mobile is the glue that brings these online and offline experiences together – it’s bringing the online world into the store to enhance the experience for the customer

Look abroad

Cross-border trade is growing fast as the take-up of online sales is being rapidly embraced. Last year a PayPal study found online trade between the six largest markets worldwide is already estimated to be worth over R1 trillion annually, and this figure is predicted to triple by 2018.

There’s a super shopper in all of us

Essentially, there is a bit of the super shopper in everyone and consumers will all gradually begin to act like these super shoppers. We are all living busy lives and all want convenience, speed and choice. Customers are in the driving seat and pushing retailers for ever higher standards of service and greater convenience.

The company’s that adapt first and fastest will put themselves in a very strong position for the future.

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