Are you a leader in the HR field?

By on April 20, 2015

Research shows that a mere nomination for an award within your field is enough to ensure clients, employees and future business relationships that your business is a head above the rest, highlighting your professional capabilities. 

This year, stand out from your competitors by entering into Career24’s The Future of HR Summit and Awards, held in JHB on 22-23 July. With a variety of category awards to enter into, it caters to a diverse set of skills, showcasing South African’s extensive expertise within the HR sector.

Otherwise known as the South African Hall of Fame Award, the Lifetime Achiever is the highest honour and most coveted award at The Future of HR Summit. It recognises the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry through visionary people management strategies and leadership. The individual in this category must have an established history of distinguished service (10 years or more) to the HR profession, have made meaningful and lasting contributions to their organisations and provided inspiration to others in the sector.

The potential advantage of entering into a professional competition of this kind is multifaceted.


• High profile recognition

• Share your innovation and success with the business community

• Demonstrate HR’s value and contributions to the wider business

• Enhance employer branding and employee engagement

• Improve the focus on the strategic value of HR and how it measurably impacts business performance

• Celebrate professional excellence

• Incorporate the awards logo in your professional communications

• Recognition as a South African leader in HR and business practice


TO ENTER CONTACT: Sheri Morgan at or 086 000 9590

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