Apple is goading Samsung to copy its green policies

By on April 24, 2014

The tech giant has thumbed its nose at its Korean rival by taking out an ad highlighting its environmental credentials. Very mature.

Some days it seems tech companies like nothing more than getting their hands dirty. No sooner are Google, Apple and others in all sorts of legal trouble for allegedly agreeing not to poach each other’s staff, than Apple gets its fingers appropriately soiled for Earth Day by taking out a full-page ad for a not-so-subtle dig at its arch rival Samsung.

The ad, tweeted by British tech journalist David McLelland, appeared in The Guardian and on the Metro’s back cover this morning. In suitably large type, Apple say they wouldn’t mind companies copying its renewable energy policies; above a photo of the huge solar farm that powers its North Carolina data centre.

It’s a pretty obvious dig at Samsung, with whom Apple is engaged in an interminably tedious legal battle over claims the Korean electronics enormity copied iPhone features in its Galaxy smartphones (although many accuse Apple of copying most of what it does and packaging it up prettily).

While the Mac-maker is doing its level best to come over all green and cuddly, with a slick new website and cheesy video narrated by chief exec Tim Cook, it can’t have escaped the company that the ad was somewhat petty. Obviously going for racking up column inches rather than appearing above the fray then.

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