About us

Richard and Van Fletcher

Richard & Van Fletcher, father and son Chairman and Publisher

At Management SA we’re determined more than ever to celebrate month by month the brightest and best in South African business. And although the newsletter keeps a beady eye on share prices and profit-and-loss figures, we like to focus on the issues that most challenge and inspire SA’s bosses and managers.

Our contributors offer candid advice that help ambitious executives manage and progress their careers. It’s a practical guide to success in business; it acknowledges thought leadership; innovative business practices; highlights the importance of good corporate governance and social responsibility; employee engagement; and the impact of new technology on the way we work and do business.

Management will talk to international business leaders such as Willie Walsh of British Airways, Andy Bond, former CEO of Asda, Sir Terry Leahy of Tesco and James Murdoch of News Corp, and find out exactly what strategies and business imperatives drive their organisations’ success. Our South African counterparts will also be given the opportunity to talk shop; to talk about our unique business landscape and how to manage and lead business well in these changing economic times.

Definitely not just business as usual!